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sell Lill Tschudi linocuts, paintings and signed prints Wanted

We are always interested in purchasing original Paintings and Linocuts by Lill Tschudi. We will consider items in any condition, framed or unframed. Our gallery regularly purchases Lill Tschudi pictures from clients in the U.K., Europe, USA and the rest of the world. We offer a discreet, reliable service with swift payment.

If you are looking to sell, or require advice, please contact the gallery:

by Email:,
by Post: Robert Perera Fine Art Ltd, 19 Thomas Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9NB, UK,
by Phone: 01590 678230 (+44 1590 678230 outside UK) or
in Person: (please call in advance).

When sending information about your Lill Tschudi work of art, please e-mail or post images of your paintings, including an image of the picture, signature and frame back.

Click here for a guide to the type of photos of Lill Tschudi pictures we require

We offer the following:

  • Payment by return, by cheque of bank payment
  • An agreed fixed price
  • Help with all shipping arrangements
  • No hidden costs.

Auction pitfalls

Many of our clients are looking to avoid the high cost of selling items at auction and so find selling to our specialist gallery a more favourable option.

An example of Auction Commission charges in London is 15% plus 20% VAT and sellers also pay an insurance charge of 1.5%. Catalogue illustration charges can range from £50 to £500 and sellers can also be charged if lots do not sell. Additional charges include VAT, shipping, packing, restoration, storage, import and customs duties. They may also have a discretionary reserve which means that you give them permission to sell goods typically 10%-20% below the agreed price.

The buyer of your item has to pay the auction house a buyers premium of about 20%-25% +VAT for the right to buy and then 4% extra if artist resale rights are applicable. This means that sellers may only receive about half of the value that the buyer paid! You also have to hope that the buyer pays their bill on time at auction, which they don't always do!

What Our Customers Say

Thank you for the cheque. It was a pleasure doing business with some one who is polite, prompt and trustworthy. Thanks once again.

We thank you for you prompt payment. We hope you are satisfied with your purchase and thank you for your very professional advice

Very fast payment, excellent trade, many thanks
D. Canterbury, New Zealand.

Great Transaction, Good Deal.
D. Pennsylvania. United States

A pleasure to do business with.
H. South Australia

Timely communication and payment.
A. England

Friendly correspondence. Very prompt payment. A pleasure to deal with.
M. England

Good, quick, direct transaction with an honest buyer, a pleasure to work with"
S. England

Exceptional service. Can't recommend him highly enough
M. Cumbria, England

Thank you for such a smooth transaction regarding the paintings. I appreciate so very much that you managed each detail so that worries were minimized in every regard. Thank you for keeping in touch with the information needed at each step.
A. California USA

Many thanks for your prompt payment to me reference the Cecil Aldin. Very rare today I'm afraid
J. England


Please call 01590 678230
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Free advice given.

Lill Tschudi Oil Paintings, Watercolour,  Etchings, Lithographs Wanted

Robert Perera Fine Art Gallery.

Some titles of Lill Tschudi Linocuts we are looking for:

Lill Tschudi : Race in Switzerland 1930

Lill Tschudi : Sailors 1930

Lill Tschudi : Spahis 1930

Lill Tschudi : Underground 1930

Lill Tschudi : Sord Drill 1930

Lill Tschudi : Jazz Band 1930

Lill Tschudi : Difficult Parking 1930

Lill Tschudi : Telescope 1930

Lill Tschudi : The Broken Window - Portrait of Clive Brook 1930

Lill Tschudi : Clive Brook 1930

Lill Tschudi : Foxtrot 1930

Lill Tschudi : Sunday Morning - Bear-pit 1930

Lill Tschudi : Prof. Dr Ranel 1930

Lill Tschudi : The Flirt 1930

Lill Tschudi : Lime Kiln 1931

Lill Tschudi : Hors Concours 1931

Lill Tschudi : Sledging 1931

Lill Tschudi : National Vote I 1931

Lill Tschudi : Song of the Volda Boatnen 1931

Lill Tschudi : Gymnastic Exercises 1931

Lill Tschudi : Mountain Valley 1931

Lill Tschudi : Trio 1931

Lill Tschudi : In the Circus 1932

Lill Tschudi : Sailors Holiday 1932

Lill Tschudi : Affaire d'Honneur 1932

Lill Tschudi : Fixing the Wires 1932

Lill Tschudi : Haymaking 1932

Lill Tschudi : Just Off - The Start of the Race 1932

Lill Tschudi : Kiosk in Paris 1933

Lill Tschudi : Nudes 1933

Lill Tschudi : Ice Hockey 1933

Lill Tschudi : Corporal of the Infantry 1933

Lill Tschudi : Sticking up Posters 1933

Lill Tschudi : The Skier 1933

Lill Tschudi : Skiing 1934

Lill Tschudi : Chinese Jugglers 1934

Lill Tschudi : Cleaning the Sail 1934

Lill Tschudi : Jeu de Boules 1934

Lill Tschudi : The Helmsman 1934

Lill Tschudi : Village Fair I 1934

Lill Tschudi : French Posters 1935

Lill Tschudi : Tour de Suisse 1935

Lill Tschudi : Rumba Band I 1935

Lill Tschudi : Jazz Orchestra 1935

Lill Tschudi : Pierrot 1935

Lill Tschudi : Waiters 1936

Lill Tschudi : Rumba Band II 1936

Lill Tschudi : Carnival 1936

Lill Tschudi : Guards 1936

Lill Tschudi : Stepdancing 1936

Lill Tschudi : Furniture Removing I 1936

Lill Tschudi : Visiting Day 1937

Lill Tschudi : Ski-joring 1937

Lill Tschudi : Dancers 1937

Lill Tschudi : Workmen 1937

Lill Tschudi : Street Decoration 1937

Lill Tschudi : Bells 1937

Lill Tschudi : Landsgemeinde - National Vote II 1937

Lill Tschudi : Slalom 1938

Lill Tschudi : Swiss Battle 1938

Lill Tschudi : People Coming out of Church 1938

Lill Tschudi : Concert I 1938

Lill Tschudi : Life Class 1938

Lill Tschudi : Siesta 1939

Lill Tschudi : Klaus-Buben - Santas Boys 1939

Lill Tschudi : Parisian Cafe 1939

Lill Tschudi : Furniture Removing II 1941

Lill Tschudi : Mein Heimatland - My Homeland 1941

Lill Tschudi : Suzie 1943

Lill Tschudi : Sondieren am Lawinenhang 1943

Lill Tschudi : Probing the Avalanche Slope 1943

Lill Tschudi : FHD Patr. Orientierungslauf 1944

Lill Tschudi : Orienteering - Womens Military Service 1944

Lill Tschudi : Verbandsubung - Formation Practice 1944

Lill Tschudi : Senn am Feuer - Alpine Herdsman by the Fire 1946

Lill Tschudi : Schafmarkt - Sheep Market 1946

Lill Tschudi : Farmers with Milkcans 1947

Lill Tschudi : Adoration of the Shepherds 1947

Lill Tschudi : Boys with Skis 1948

Lill Tschudi : Village Fair II 1948

Lill Tschudi : Concert II 1948

Lill Tschudi : Morcote 1948

Lill Tschudi : Musicians 1949

Lill Tschudi : Bauen im Tessin - Builders in Tessin 1949

Lill Tschudi : Le Long des Quaid 1949

Lill Tschudi : London Buses 1949