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How to Sell Us Your Art

Over the years we have purchased painting from individuals, estates, companies, studio sales, family divisions and down-sizing clients. Some have been found in attics, inherited, damaged or too costly to insure. We purchase single items or entire collections. Here you can find out how to begin the process of selling works of art to us. Click here to find out the best way to photograph your artwork, and what images we need to see.

Selling paintings

1. Send photos & description

Send photos and a description of your artwork to us
by Email:,
by Post: Robert Perera Fine Art Ltd, 19 Thomas Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9NB, UK,
by Phone: 01590 678230 (+44 1590 678230 outside UK) or
in Person: (please call in advance).

Pricing paintings

2. We Agree a Price

We will research your picture and calculate a mutually agreeable purchase price. You have no obligation to sell to us until you have agreed to do so.

Painting Delivery

3. We Arrange Shipping

We will be happy to advise on and arrange shipping.

Works of Art Payment

4. We Make Payment

Fast payment made by cheque or bank transfer in GB Pounds, US dollars, EURO or your own currency.

Additional Information

Please do not clean, reframe or open picture backs before a sale, as you may devalue your pictures!

No Hidden Charges

There are NO extra charges or expenses to pay. We pay all import duties, taxes and VAT if applicable.

Why sell to us?

We buy works of art for our own gallery stock as well as for our extensive list of clients. Either way, your picture will find an appreciative new home. If you are looking to sell your artwork we offer you a discreet, reliable service with swift payment.

If we are not interested in purchasing your artwork we will advise you and endeavour to introduce you to other trusted interested parties.

Auction Pitfalls

Many of our clients are looking to avoid the high cost of selling items at auction and so find selling to our specialist gallery a more favourable option.

An example of Auction Commission charges in London is 15% plus 20% VAT and sellers also pay an insurance charge of 1.5%. Catalogue illustration charges can range from £50 to £500 and sellers can also be charged if lots do not sell. Additional charges include VAT, shipping, packing, restoration, storage, import and customs duties. They may also have a discretionary reserve which means that you give them permission to sell good typically 10%-20% below the agreed price.

The buyer of your item has to pay the auction house a buyers premium of about 20%-25% +VAT for the right to buy and then 4% extra if artist resale rights are applicable. This means that sellers may only receive about half of the value that the buyer paid! You also have to hope that the buyer pays their bill on time at auction, which they don't always do!