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How to Photograph Your Art

6 Easy Steps to Selling Your Pictures

We see many photographs each week and we know what we are looking for so your photos do not need to be perfect!

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1. No Flash Photography!

Please do not use flash as it can reflect from the glass or gloss varnish. To avoid using a flash, pictures can be taken outside in the shade and the picture angled forward to reduce reflections. 

The flash can be disabled on most cameras. Normal digital cameras normally produce better results than camera phones.

How to photograph fine art paintings - Robert Perera Fine Art

2. File Format: JPG, 1800px (w)

Please send good sized .jpg format images and keep the file size down if possible. Ideally the photo should be at least 1800 pixels wide.

If you require help please do not hesitate to call the gallery on 01590 678230

Ethel Spowers linocut sell art to Robert Perera Fine Art

3. Photograph the whole picture including frame

Please photographed the painting or print from the front in its frame. 

Make sure there is enough light in the photography area.

4. Photograph the signature

Take closeup photos of the signature.

5. Photograph the back of the whole picture including frame

Pictures photographed from back, in frame.

6. Photograph the Labels

Take closeup photos of the labels on the back (if any).