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Marcel Dyf

We buy Marcel Dyf Original Signed Oil Paintings.
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Expert FREE Marcel Dyf Painting value. We can help you to sell Marcel Dyf original artwork. We purchase original Paintings and prints by Marcel Dyf. Clients in the U.K. and worldwide regularly sell Marcel Dyf artwork to us. We offer a discreet, reliable service with swift payment avoiding 50% auction value fees taken between buyer and seller.

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Marcel Dyf  [1899-1985] – Biography 

He was born in Paris in 1899 but his parents were from the Alsace region in France. In his youth he draws and visits the Louvre for inspiration.

After his studies were over he worked in Southern Morocco and on deciding to become an artist moves to Provence to master his craft.

In the Second World War he joined the French Resistance in Corrèze.

He married his wife Claudine in Cannes in 1954 who became his model and features in many of his works.

What did Marcel Dyf paint?

He painted French landscapes, marine and portraits. Early in his career he painted frescoes.

How did Marcel Dyf sign his works?

Signs work ‘DYF’

Did he work in other media?

He mainly worked in oils on canvas but there were a number of varnished and textured prints of his work produces. Normally in fancy frames but these are of small value.

Where did he Sell?

He sold direct, at art dealers and exhibitions. We have seen gallery labels from the Frost and Reed  and provenance from auction houses including Bonhams Auctioneers, Sothebys Auction and Christies Auctions.


Petrides Gallery in Paris
Frost & Reed

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Marcel Dyf Flowers French artist appraisal- Robert Perera Fine Art Ltd.

Marcel Dyf, French Landscape with Flowers

Original Signed Oil

Marcel Dyf Horses French artist valuation - Robert Perera Fine Art

Marcel Dyf, Horse Show near Paris

Original Signed Oil

Marcel Dyf Claudine French artist - Robert Perera Fine Art Ltd.

Marcel Dyf, Claudine in the Garden

Original Signed Oil

Marcel Dyf Cornfield Valuation French artist - Robert Perera Fine Art

Marcel Dyf, French Cornfield Scene

Original Signed Oil