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Cecil Wotton Toovey

We buy Cecil Wotton Toovey Original Signed Linocut Prints.
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Expert FREE C.W.Toovey linocut value. We can help you to sell C.W.Toovey original artwork. We purchase original lino prints by Cecil Wotton Toovey. Clients in the U.K. and worldwide regularly sell C.W.Toovey artwork to us. We offer a discreet, reliable service with swift payment avoiding 50% auction value fees taken between buyer and seller.

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“Auctions can eat up 50% of the value” 

Many of our clients are looking to avoid the high cost of selling C.W.Toovey at auction and so find selling to our specialist gallery a more favourable option.

C.W.Toovey  [1891-1954] – Biography 

He was born in 1891 in Berkhamsted and was a painter, wood engraving and linocut artist.

In 1931 he exhibited at the Redfern Gallery in London and his work is illustrated in Claude Flight’s, book of ‘Lino Cutting and Printing’ in 1934.

He was involved with the Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London which included artist students such as Sybil Andrews, William Greengrass, Lill Tschudi, Dorrit Black, Pamela Drew, Guy Malet and Cyril Power. As at this time Eveline Syme, Ethel Spowers, Margaret Barnard, Adolfine Mary Ryland and Ronald Grierson.

How did Cecil Wotton Toovey sign his works?

Signs work :’C.W.Toovey’

Did she work in other media?

He mainly worked in linocut.

Where did he Sell?

He sold direct, at art dealers and exhibitions. We have seen London gallery labels and provenance from auction houses.


Redfern Gallery London

Related artists : Sybil Andrews, Claude Flight and Cyril Power.

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Cecil Wotton Toovey, Fiord Steamer

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